Take advantage of our 50th Anniversary Maintenance Special – Keep your accessible vehicle running in tip top shape with R&R Mobility Service Center. Oil Change comes with Synthetic Blend (Full synthetic upon request at additional charge)

  • Tire Rotation
  • Alignment Check
  • Door Ramp and Kneel Maintenance – includes any additional equipment



1.) Suspension
2.) Tire Tread Wear
3.) Coolant System
4.) Battery and Alternator
5.) Check Brakes and Rotors
6.) Inspect All Hoses for Wear
7.) Inspect Belts for Wear and Correct Tension, As well As Pulleys
8.) Inspect Wiper Blades
9.) Inspect Air Filter and Cabin Filter
10.) Inspect Lights, Turn Signals, And Backup Lights
11.) Check All Fluids
12.) Check Heating and Cooling System
13.) Check Exhaust System
14.) Top off fluids

Total – $389.95

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