Wheelchair Lift for Van in Atlanta, GA

The Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) is an innovative solution for personal mobility. Since the lift is mounted underneath your vehicle, it remains out of sight and out of the way. Other types of lifts can take up space inside the vehicle, which means you have less room inside the van. If you are considering a lift for your vehicle contact R&R Mobility to see the variety of options available:

  • Hidden under your vehicle until it is needed.     
  • Easily controlled by a hand-held controller or remote control.
  • Designed for the side doors on full-size wheelchair accessible vans.
  • Hydraulically activated lifting arms.
  • Has a 750 lbs lifting capacity.

If you are need of a vehicle or need a lift installed on your current one, contact us we have mobility vans for sale. Let us help you regain your freedom with our mobility accessories. When you need a wheelchair lift for a van in Atlanta, GA, give us a call at (866) 405-6807 for pricing and installation. 

Braun UVL Wheelchair Lift