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Wheelchair Accessible Van Lineup

R&R Mobility offers an extensive lineup of both wheelchair accessible minivans and SUV’s. We are your largest mobility dealer in the southeast and proud to provide quality BraunAbility products. Our wheelchair accessible line -up includes the Chrysler Pacifica, the Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, and the Chevrolet Traverse.

Chevrolet Traverse

Toyota Sienna

Chrysler Pacifica

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Accessible Wheelchair SUV and Van Conversions

Today you have choices for meeting your mobility needs when it comes to taking back your mobility independence. Our vehicles offer both driver’s convenience and passenger comfort.
Every handicap van and SUV has gone through a specific type of modification process down the assembly line to equip it with everything needed for an accessibility vehicle. Most know these as wheelchair vans or mobility vans but they are so much more than in the past. You have all the luxury in an accessibility van or SUV that you would have in a non-modified vehicle. BraunAbility created a great lineup of both vans and SUV’s engineered for freedom and independence for those living with disabilities, giving them back the abilities to live life on their own terms. Some of the enhancements may include structural modifications to its exterior, interior, and control areas. Although it may sound easy and straightforward, converting a vehicle is an intensive, complicated process. BraunAbility has a proven track record for quality and safety when it comes to their accessibility vehicles.
At R&R Mobility we work hard to help each customer with their purchase, providing them options and helping them find the right vehicle to fit their needs. We have been family owned for over 45 years and understand buying an accessible vehicle is a BIG decision.
Below is a list of the most common concerns customers have that may help if you are wondering if a van conversion is an appropriate solution to your needs.

How is a Handicap Van Conversion Built?

Many vehicle modification companies offer customers various options if they want a custom build for a full-size wheelchair conversion van. To ensure a duplicable quality for outstanding ownership experience for every customer, BraunAbility builds their handicap van conversion using an assembly line method, both machine and by hand. The final converted van will allow passengers who use wheelchairs to have convenient access to reliable transportation.
How does a traditional van become a BraunAbility accessible vehicle?
No matter what wheelchair conversion van or SUV you choose (Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, or Honda), your best-in-class BraunAbility delivers the best customer experience and R&R Mobility promises to deliver the best industry wide customer service in this journey.
The wait time to receive your accessible vehicle can vary depending on the current order influx and shipping availability. Your BraunAbility dealer can give you an estimate at the time of order. The average wheelchair van conversion process for a customer-supplied vehicle is usually six weeks.

BraunAbility dealers maintain a stock of wheelchair accessible vehicles converted and ready for immediate delivery in their showrooms or lots. What’s interesting is that you can choose a vehicle and ramp styles you want to try out, allowing you to determine which vehicle meets your needs.
Absolutely! Just make sure to contact a Product Specialist or call your trustworthy BraunABility agent first to ensure that the vehicle you will be purchasing can be converted at your selected conversion company. BraunAbility mobility consultant’s inventory is the best first step to finding the vehicle conversion that fits best for you and your needs.
Possibly, but certain conditions must be met since BraunAbility can convert specific models only. The vehicle must also pass an age range requirement and have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. Contact your BraunAbility Product Specialist at productspecialist@braunability.com or (800) 488-0359 to determine if your vehicle is eligible for BraunAbility conversion.
It is essential to know that a wheelchair ramp is just one aspect of the significant reengineering process required to create an accessible van. So, manually adding a ramp to your van is an absolute no, no. Remember, a standard minivan has door opening and interior height that are too low, and a user in a wheelchair would undoubtedly not fit. Besides, the ramp angle would be so large the wheelchair user would not be able to roll up or down the ramp.

The modification process in a wheelchair van/handicap accessible vehicle includes lowering the floor to create a larger door opening and seated height for wheelchair users. Teams of well-trained and skilled technicians work together to produce a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a lowered floor, extended doorway height, integrated wiring, a heavy-duty handicap ramp, and reconfigured seating blending well with the original design of the van. Without these additional vehicle modifications, a wheelchair user would not enter and exit the vehicle comfortably, eliminating your goal to provide both the passenger and driver convenient access to travel.
Like BraunAbility’s wheelchair accessible vehicles and other seating products, wheelchair lifts are only available and sold through 200+ certified mobility dealers located across the United States and Canada and installed by our credible technicians. If you have a wheelchair vehicle lift installed or serviced by an outside source rather than a BraunAbility accredited technician, you are at risk of voiding the lift’s warranty.


Providing Exceptional Customer Care

Our mobility professionals are committed to keeping you informed when it comes to your mobility equipment needs. Take a load of your mind and let us help answer any questions you have with your mobility purchase, products and services.

Why choose BraunAbility?

Our credible technicians are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to wheelchair conversions and never fails to provide quality service in our state of the art service and collision center.

BraunAbility is proud to be the most recommended brand in the industry by friends and family that have experienced the quality, safety and value they build into each accessibility van and SUV. That is why they have been voted the Most Trusted Mobility Brand in the market today.


Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.

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